Data Management

Keeping your data clean and ready for a Statement of Accuracy

We can build databases from scratch, and handle all of your additions and deletions.

We respect your data - we have a thorough data processing solution that ensures your data is cleaned properly, without losing information. When it comes to mailing time, your data will be in the best possible condition.

Data Management Services

  • Full database management including design,
    updating, additions and deletions
  • Importing existing data file(s) for specific job
  • Data entry
  • Merging data files
  • Competition management
  • Data formatting and cleaning
  • Post coding
  • Removal of duplicates (deduping)
  • Case conversion
  • We can work onsite for your security, or we can work offsite
  • Our address checking process verifies each record in your address database against the latest New Zealand Post Postal Address File (PAF).
  • We are certified to issue a Statement of Accuracy after cleaning your data

Manual Searching

Sometimes a more specialised hands-on data management process is required to achieve the required level of accuracy in your database or mailing list.

We have experience dealing with some of the more unusual addressing exceptions and will assist you in achieving an SOA under the SendRight™ standard.

Address Standards

There are certain rules that must be met for you to receive your SOA.

Click here to view some examples of address standards.

Why should you
do this?

Correct addressing ensures prompt delivery of your valuable mail.

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