Direct Marketing

Sending personalised mail to specially selected people

Creativity and first class logistical support are the keys to successful direct marketing. Mail Handling Services has 20 years of experience and the latest technology.

Planning a campaign?

When you’re planning a campaign we will:
  • Help you select, manage and purchase lists of potential customers
  • Manage your database of existing customers. (If you don't have one, we'll get you started)
  • Select and personalise gifts on your behalf

Ready to hit the "go" button?

When your campaign is ready we will:
  • Print your letters and envelopes
  • Fold, collate and insert your material into the envelopes (mechanically or by hand)
  • Label, sort and despatch your letters nationally or internationally
  • Manage the responses you get from your customers

Do you have special needs?

We can help:
  • Arrange and manage bulk packaging
  • Manage your promotional products

Hey! Have you thought about...

  • Inserting a reminder to tell customers about your Christmas or Easter hours, or a special sale or promotion?
  • Sending a special promotional product to customers to tell them how important they are? From T-shirts to teaspoons, we can do it all!

Database Building

Building a database filled with your target market's contact details and address information can be a challenging task.

Alternatively we can provide databases for your needs.

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Outsourcing is an often-heard phase in business. The idea is simple - use someone else's expertise to carry out one of your business funcitons and you'll save time and money.

You and your staff get to focus on what you do best, with the comfort of knowing that someone else is doing things for you, better and more economically than you could do them yourself.

Contact us to see how you can outsource your work to us!

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