Invoicing, Billing, Statements + Accounts

Save time and stress

At Mail Handling Services we understand the importance of a competent billing & invoicing service. It is critical that the right information is sent to the right person at the correct company on time.

The process

  • We print invoices and statements, fold and collate to your specifications.
  • We process hard copy invoices and statements as well
  • As an example we work for companies that sent out from between 500 - 20,000+ invoices or statements per month.
  • Cost efficiencies is why more companies are choosing to outsource their Invoice & Statement printing and mailing processing through us.
  • We free up your staff to concentrate on the essential activities of your business

We can also provide:

  • Invoice and statement printing (optional)
  • Invoice and statement cutting, trimming and mail processing


Outsourcing is an often-heard phase in business. The idea is simple - use someone else's expertise to carry out one of your business funcitons and you'll save time and money.

You and your staff get to focus on what you do best, with the comfort of knowing that someone else is doing things for you, better and more economically than you could do them yourself.

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