Postcode Restructuring

New NZ postcode and bulk mail requirements

As of July 2008, all New Zealand mail is required to have the new unique 4 digit postcode regulated by NZ Post to bring it into international standards. We can also help you adjust to the new system.

The Postcode Process

  • You supply us with your existing database
  • We run the database through our PAF process to ensure new postcodes are verified and installed correctly
  • The PAF process is a necessary step in the restructuring of postcodes.
  • We make sure the new database is compliant with the NZ Post system and obtain a Certification of Accuracy (lasting for 1 year)
  • We give back your completed database which can be used confidently for mailing

The Bulk Mail System

  • NZ Post has also restructured their bulk mail system which affects addressing, postcode and envelope layout standards.
  • Our system will assist you with the transition to the new New Zealand postcode and bulk mailing requirements.

Address Standards

There are certain rules that must be met for you to meet NZ Post requirements, receive your Statement of Accuracy to send bulk mail, and qualify for a bulk mail discount.

Click here to view some examples of address standards.

Our data management process can help you clean your data base and get it ready to pass an SOA.

Bulk postal discounts

As of 1st July 2008, NZ Post will require bulk mail users to comply with the new postcodes and addresses standards in order to receive bulk mail discounts...



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